How to write the perfect CV

Find out how to write the perfect CV with advice from a recruitment expert, including why you need a personal statement, how to list your experience and whether you should include your hobbies and interests.

Online hair courses: everything you need to know

Men’s Tapered and Faded Haircuts Course Produced for intermediate barbers, this course will teach you how to create a range of tapered and faded haircuts using salon-friendly techniques. You’ll learn from industry experts such as New York Barbershop, Gary Woo and Stelios Chondros. Tutorials will cover how to create styles such as razor parting, flat […]

Our top interview tips employers will love

Everyone has had or will have an interview at some point in their life. Therefore, everyone has needed or will need some interview tips, too. There are often myths flying around about certain things to do or what not to do in an interview. Some say to dress formally, others say don’t. Some say ask […]

5 top tips to keep in mind when changing your career

Changing your career, or even making any change, can be quite daunting at first, particularly if it’s something you’ve been looking to do for a while. With the current climate, some careers in industries such as events and hospitality are under threat and it might be time to start considering changing your career path. Rebecca […]

Closing the digital skills gap

Learning from young  So much of what teens know now, they learnt from a young age – two-year-olds today know how to unlock mobile phones, toddlers are iPad obsessed and many kids are hooked on their Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. Did you know that there is an ever-increasing number of jobs that could use these skills and develop these passions?  There are currently jobs available that simply didn’t exist ten years ago. Today, young people can aspire to be artificial intelligence engineers which are […]

6 Reasons why kids should be learning code

Code is a scary concept to many people and lots shy away from it. However, in the world we live in today, it’s actually one of the most important languages. Computers and technology are everywhere and those creators behind it know code. Think about how many apps you have on your phone or the different […]

Why a tech education is important for children

The world is changing, and sometimes it might seem you’re in a race to catch up. Getting the latest technology probably takes a good chunk out of your yearly budget, and then you have to re-educate yourself about how to do things in new and different ways – whether it be working your new tablet or getting to grips with Alexa turning on and off your lights!  […]

GCSE's for Adults

Are there age limits?  Anyone can resit GCSEs – no matter your age or your life experience.  It doesn’t matter if you have just left school or if you are closing in on retirement, you can look to start learning and increase your capabilities.  When you resit your GCSEs, whether it is English, Maths or Science – or other specialisms like Law […]

Top 5 STEM jobs for Women

STEM is an abrreviation for science, technology, engineering and maths. If you want a job that will make an impact on the world, look no further than the STEM industry, where jobs are set to excel, even in uncertain times. Here are the top 5 STEM jobs for women.  It is well known that STEM careers are mainly male dominated. The actual percentage of women in STEM jobs include […]

Can I take A Levels as an adult?

Flexible learning  If you choose a ‘traditional’ college-run course, you will be required to attend set classes throughout the week, at certain times of the year. You will be taught and given support in-line with term times, with little contact outside of these hours.  This is perfect for you if you like your time to be structured or you […]