6 Ways to Take the Stress out of Exams

Exams are stressful, but there are plenty of things you can do to ease your stress and keep yourself calm and collected when you walk into your exam. Less stress means you can focus on the important stuff and ensure you do the best you can!   Always be Prepared It goes without saying that […]

Full Tutor Support: How Distance Learning Doesn’t Mean You’re On Your Own

One of the myths about distance learning that should be completely busted is the myth about being entirely on your own. Many people think that if you are taking a distance learning course, it means that you are on your own to study. This is definitely not the case, particularly with Open Study College. Your […]

11 Reasons to Study Online with Open Study College

Studying online is becoming more and more popular and there are so many benefits to this! From balancing study and work to choosing your study environment, there are so many reasons why you should enrol on an online course. We have come up with 11 reasons as to why you should study online! 1 – […]

Study from Books: How Distance Learning Doesn’t Always Mean Online

In the age of digital, where we can access pretty much anything from the web, it’s hard to remember the days when books were all we had to find out and learn information. So, let’s just clear something up. Although we are a distance learning college, it doesn’t necessarily mean your course has to be […]

How to Study A Levels Through Distance Learning

When studying A Levels, many people question whether studying through distance learning is an effective way of studying. “Will these A Levels provide me with the same qualification as usual A Levels?” “Is there help available when I need it?” “How is the course studied?” Sound familiar? Maybe these are questions that you have asked when thinking […]

The Ultimate Guide to Results Day

Waiting for results can be one of the most nerve-wracking times of your life. Maybe you’re excited because you think you’ve done well, or dreading it because you’re worried that you’ve failed. It’s a very anxious time. Whichever bracket you fall into, you will still need to know what results day entails, and how to […]

How to Effectively Study During Summer

Picture this: It’s August. You get home after a long day and fall exasperatedly onto the sofa, perhaps fall asleep for a brief moment. After what feels like 2 minutes of relaxing, you open your eyes, look to the window and see the sunshine sitting among the blue sky with its rays beaming through your […]

We share our top A Level exam tips

We know how stressful A Level exams can seem. But if we’re completely honest, most of the stress comes from the build up and anticipation of it all. If you plan efficiently and prepare effectively, that won’t seem as intimidating as you think. There are three different stages to your A Level exams: Before the […]

Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Our mental health is incredibly important and it’s vital that if you are suffering, you should try and find ways to improve your mental health. Mental health is a stigma that many of us may not like to talk about but we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about our mental health. Now, in the current […]

Feeling creative? Find out how to make jewellery

It’s getting to that time of year where the sun makes us all re-evaluate our lives. No one wants to be stuck at a desk all day, staring blankly into a computer screen when we could be outside enjoying the sunshine. Or you may even just generally be bored. The human race has a general […]