The simple way to maximise your earning potential

Do you want to maximise your earning potential? Then proving you have the expertise, knowledge and skills employers need can help you do just that. And that’s where a qualification can help you.  Open Study College offer a range of home learning courses awarded by industry-recognised bodies including CACHE, AAT, A-Levels and more to help you boost your CV. Here’s how a qualification can help you increase your earning potential:

Climb up the career ladder

A new qualification can be what you need to achieve that promotion you've been waiting for. Maybe you want to prove to your boss that you are dedicated to your job and have a thorough understanding about what you do? Then a qualification can not only help you move up the career ladder, but also increase your earning potential.

Begin a better career

Are you fed up of being in an assistant role and want to start looking for a higher position? Then a qualification on your CV will help you stand out to employers. Evidencing your skills will boost your opportunities and help you gain that competitive edge!

Gain entry into university

Did you know that those with a university degree earn on average £12,000 per year more than those that don’t? So, if you want to gain entry into university, but haven’t got the UCAS points to get in, our A-Level courses can help you! Kick-start your future with a qualification and start working towards your dream job!
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The simple way to maximise your earning potential